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Wairaka accounts – our Google instance

I had a play with what I could do with my Wairaka student account to see what our students have access to. I am sharing it here for others who have been wondering the same thing. The following is by no means a definitive account, but rather a little exploration to provide a starting point:

Has Google Drive – can share with wairaka and oustide emails
Has Calendar
Has Google Sites – can create sites
Has Groups – maybe only searches within wairaka but can add wairaka account to existing external group, couldn’t find a way to create a group. Create group by going to Home > New Group – Miriam
Has contacts, Has maps, Has youtube
Has news, translate, Has mobile, shopping
Has blogger – creates a blog with blogspot.co.nz/ address
Has reader – works as expected
Has finance
Has photos – picasa, seems to work as expected, has a visibility option for “Unitec New Zealand” as well as private and public on web and anyone with the link or anyone at Unitec with the link, not easy to narrow search to Unitec uploads
Has videos – can see videos provided by other Unitec people but it needs permission changes to allow the uploading of other videos

Google Plus is not available with Wairaka BUT it seems like you can turn it on as there is a message for administrators – there is a checklist for preparing – http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1631744