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Creating better learning experiences

It seems to me that there are two essential questions we need to answer in our jobs.

  1. How does learning happen?
  2. How do we, as teachers, create experiences that help learning to happen?

A third question that Te Puna Ako’s advisors are charged with answering is ‘How do we support teachers in answering questions 1 and 2?’ This, essentially, is our job description.

Phil Race uses an exercise which we’ve put on our Active Learning and Teaching moodle. He proposes 7 factors of good learning. These are listed below with blueprint statements to address what we do as teachers. The details of how is what we’ll be addressing in our blogs, indeed in all of our work.

  1. Strive to enhance our students’ want to learn;
  2. Help students to develop ownership of the need to learn;
  3. Keep students learning by doing, practice, trial-and-error, repetition;
  4. Ensure students get quick and useful feedback – from us and from each other;
  5. Help students to make sense of what they learn.
  6. Get students deepening their learning by coaching other students, explaining things to them.
  7. Allow students to further deepen their learning by assessing their own learning, and assessing others’ learning – making informed judgements

Race’s material can be found in Chapter 2 of ‘Making Learning Happen’ (2005) and Chapter 1 of ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit’ (2006).