Academic Advisors

The Academic Advisors team are available to work alongside Unitec academic staff in a variety of ways. Be it lesson planning, programme design, assessment or group work… work with staff on a one to one basis, or in small groups. If you would like to discuss how one of the advisors could work with you or your team, please contact Simon Nash on Ext. 7302.

The Academic Advisors:

  • Offer coaching for new teachers
  • Run workshops on the Essentials of Teaching and Learning
  • Provide advice on Departmental or Programme professional development and communities of practice.
  • Administering the National Assessment Tool

Our team focuses on assisting teachers develop competency in four areas:

  • Design: Programme design, course design and lesson plans.
  • Facilitation: Using Elearning
  • Assessment: Formative, summative, self and peer.
  • Evaluation: Effectiveness of design, facilitation and assessment.


The academic advisor team also provide a quality and up-to-date online learning environment, eLearning tools, and staff development to support learning and teaching in Unitec.

One-to-one consultations

We are available to meet with staff to discuss the appropriate use and integration of education technologies into courses and programmes.

Moodle support

We support staff in the design and pedagogic use of Moodle and in the creation of online resources to support courses.  Contact Tabitha RoderMiriam Laidlaw


We offer a range of workshops for staff to up-skill in the use of education technologies.  We can also design specific sessions for staff on request.  For a list of current workshops, click here


We are actively researching various aspects of the use of technology in learning and teaching and welcome collaborative projects with academic staff to deepen our understanding

The e-Learning / web advisors are available to work with staff on:

  • Integrating learning technologies into programmes and courses
  • Using Web 2.0 tools to support student engagement and interaction
  • Supporting online course migration to Moodle
  • Providing key support for the Faculty eLearning Community Coordinators

Te Puna Ako Academic Advisors Team

 Simon Nash  Mark Smith Tabitha Miriam
Simon Nash
x7302Academic Advisor
Mark Smith
x8563Academic Advisor
Tabitha Roder
x7043Academic Advisor
Miriam Laidlaw
x7043Academic Advisor
 Karen Haines  Bettina S  Amos_1  Claire Tait
 Karen Haines
x7308Academic Advisor
Bettina Schwenger
x8421Academic Advisor
Amos Clarke
x7351Academic Advisor
Claire Tait
x5028Academic Advisor
 William Lu  Miranda  Yong  ProfilePic2-James.jpg
William Lu
 Miranda Verswijvelen
 Yong Liu
x8174eLearning Technologist
 James Oldfield

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