Unitec’s online support for teachers using Moodle

Did you know we have an online searchable resource to help teachers at Unitec to use Moodle? It is located in the “Help” dropdown here.

At Unitec we try to provide multiple support avenues to give our teachers the best help available. They can contact the Ask IMS helpdesk on 8484 for instant assistance, or email  eLearn@unitec.ac.nz for any complex enquiries, or use the great online resource to help themselves 😉

Help dropdown, Guide to MoodleOne of the exciting features of an online resource is that it can grow and adapt to the needs of the target audience. All support we provide gives us an opportunity to update this resource and rather than typing out sets of instructions in emails, we point staff to the correct entry in this online resource.

Looking for something not in here yet? Let us know so we can create it and make it available to all staff at Unitec.

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