Unitec Institute of Technology is immersed in a process to redevelop the learning and teaching culture and, therefore, programmes across the institution are to be reflective of Living Curricula. Whilst some of this practice existed already the Living Curriculum brings everything together while adding extra texture and direction to the philosophy underpinning such initiatives. At Unitec, we name the characteristics of these curricula in the following way.


  • involve complex conversations
  • are curiosity/inquiry led, and stimulating
  • are practice-focussed – educating students ‘for work, in work, through work’
  • are socially constructed – self-sufficiency and collaboration are equally valued, and together they nurture resourcefulness and resilience
  • blend face-to-face and web-based learning
  • are research-informed
  • have a discipline base, and are also interdisciplinary
  • develop literacies for life-long learning
  • include embedded assessment

As we engage in this process, we want to model the collaboration and knowledge- sharing that is inherent in our curricula, and so we are collecting artefacts from teachers from a range of disciplines across the institution and locating them in this repository. In this way, other teachers, students and those interested in our approach to curriculum, can share in the exemplars and engage in dialogue and reflection with self and peers about what is presented here. This site provides a window into learning and teaching at Unitec.


We welcome your participation in this conversation.

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