Library Workshops - Expression of Interest System

The Library offers a wide range of workshops for staff and students. Please register for the workshop you would like to attend. As soon as we have more than five students or three staff registered for a workshop, we will be in touch to schedule a time that works for everyone. We will be using Doodle Poll to help with scheduling as this is a highly effective tool for this purpose. Staff are welcome to register for both Teaching Workshops and Student Workshops. Students should register for the Student Workshops they are interested in.
If you are able to encourage your colleagues to register as well, we will reach our threshold sooner and be in a position to offer the workshops sooner. If your team or your whole class would all like to attend, please notify us via email to and we will be happy to coordinate this for you.
Teaching Workshops (Practice Passport)

Student workshops (also available for staff)

Library Resources, Moodle and Copyright

Session Title Description Classroom Campus Start time End time Status
1 Embedding Library resources on Moodle This hands on session will show you how to link to eBooks, journal articles, New Zealand Standards, and videos in your Moodle courses. Discover where to find permalinks and embed codes from different databases, and how to make them look great on Moodle. Also learn about personalised Library blocks to support learning for your students.
2 Copyright your courses Stay legal and still get great material to your students. Find answers to your questions about legally using material in your courses, where can you add full text, where to link, and what are the specific rules of copyright for different resources.
3 Finding and using images on Moodle Find images you can ethically use on Moodle to better illustrate and improve your course content. Learn about the Library’s Image databases and become familiar with creative commons for fair use of images.

Library Tools

Session Title Description Classroom Campus Start time End time Status
4 Discover eTV and EVA Learn all about eTV. Then learn about EVA, eTV’s new tool (replacing Zaption). This tool takes clips from eTV and allows you to turn them into interactive videos. Add open questions, quizzes and more, to videos with this easy-to-use tool to enhance learning for your students.
5 Zotero or Mendeley Compare these reference management tools and decide which is best for you and your students. Zotero and Mendeley are two great cloud-based tools for managing your references. Discover the pros and cons of each tool.
6 Sage Research Methods Learn about this essential tool for teaching or using research methods. SAGE Research Methods provides access to book chapters, journal articles, videos and more, on research methodologies, all in one place.
7 Endnote X8 This staff workshop will give a hands-on introduction to the latest version of Endnote. This software package allows you to store and manage bibliographic references. It also assists with creating bibliographies, making it a very useful tool for writing academic papers.

Library resources

Session Title Description Classroom Campus Start time End time Status
8 Getting the most out of the Library and its databases Do you have issues getting resources for your research? This session will help you manage the literature search process using keywords and advanced features of the Library's search tools. You will have an opportunity to explore the Library's journal databases and other resources, including eBooks, in your discipline area.
9 Using images and digital media In this hands-on workshop, we will explore and discover places where you can obtain images and digital media that you can use without being at risk of breaking copyright. Free your conscience and dive into the wonderful world of Creative Commons!

Reference Management Software

Session Title Description Classroom Campus Start time End time Status
10 Mendeley Mendeley is a cloud-based reference manager and research tool that is useful for researchers dealing with a large number of references. Users can download their literature, then annotate and highlight as they read. It is great for those who work with PDF files. This session will introduce you to the basics of using Mendeley to store and cite your references.
11 Zotero Zotero is free software that allows you to easily collect references from webpages, library catalogues or article databases. Zotero sits in your web browser, but it is based in the cloud, so you can view your reference library from any internet-connected computer. It is easy to form citations and bibliographies in styles such as APA and Chicago. This session will introduce you to the basics of using Zotero to store and cite your references.